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2019-2020 CHSTV ROSTER

This is never easy. We had over 40 applicants this year and just 18 openings.  The quality of the applications were incredible.  Each of the application videos were scored by teams of CHSTV students.  In making our selection we looked at two factors:  Overall scores and the recommendation of the your teachers (broadcasting teachers and where applicable, teachers from other subject areas).  Please watch the video below (whether you have a space in the program in August or not), and for students who are joining us in August, click on the Google Forms link to provide us with some important information. We will contact you shortly with important dates for you and your parents.  Note:  If you did not get in for August, your name is automatically placed on a Waiting List.

2019 - 2020 ROSTER

(Updated 6.25.19)

Anderson Dominic

Avalos Natalia

Barela Jacob

Barnes Caden

Barnes Jared

Bensen Elijah

Bowers Mason

Boyd, Rowan

Carlston Micah

Cohen Jill

Cruz Michael

de Rijke Johan

Dicus Finley

Eslampour Shayla

Evanson Drew

Fernandez-Silva Gabriela

Fesler Miles

Foley Shaylyn

Francis Nicholas

Geraghty Collin

Gora Wyatt

Grueskin Birgen

Grueskin Zuzu

Hanan, Bennett

Handojo, Mia

Harris Aaron

Headlee Channing

Howard Linnea

Kelly Tommy

Krichbaum Tyler

Lambert Ethan

Lea Darby

Lewis, Olivia

Lohmeyer Taylor

Loughery Owen

Maddox Wendy

Markham Macy

Measer Joseph

Memel Ava

Metzger Zachary

Mills Nathan

Mooney Aidan

Nelms Gabriella

Nimry, Layla

O'Connell Julia

O'Connell Lilli

Paul Michaela

Pesakovic Jasmina

Rangel McKenna

Royal Meghan

Sackin Rachel

Sanders Sabastian

Sarsilmaz Brock

Sarsilmaz Liam

Schmitt Cory

Sisco Holden

Sitarz Alison

Smith Madison

Sullivan James

Tomkinson Auburn

Turley Grant

Walker Lucy

Ward Madeleine

Watts Jacob

Whitsett Andrew

Williams Solomon

Williams Tobias

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